Pre-paid Funeral Plan

A Pre-paid Funeral Plan is the simplest, considerate, and most practical way to remove the financial and emotional burden attached to unexpected funeral arrangements. Putting your wishes into a plan and prepaying for your funeral, puts you in control of your affairs, whilst providing you with the peace of mind that those closest to you will not face choices and decisions surrounding your final wishes, that only you know how to make.

The Annual Rise in Funeral Costs is of Real Concern

The average cost of a basic funeral has risen for the 11th year in a row and now stands at £3,693, an increase of more than 90% since 2004**, which is why freezing your costs at today’s prices with a prepaid funeral plan is a great idea. With one of our pre-paid funeral plans you can rest assured knowing that those closest to you won’t have to worry about the expenses of a funeral when you are gone. The price of an average funeral is rising year on year and by 2030 it is expected that the average cost of a funeral will be more than £11,000.

A funeral plan allows you to secure the cost of your funeral, inclusive of your director’s services at today’s prices, putting you in control over your funeral arrangements. So, no matter how much funeral prices rise, you only pay the agreed price at the time of taking out your funeral plan.

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